One of The Ratkovich Company’s values is creating places that provide for the health and wellness of the people who work, shop, eat and stay at our developments. As a leader in the responsible use of land, the company has intentionally created places that embrace the values of smart growth and environmental sustainability through the employment of innovation in the use of our natural resources, and working with the trailblazers like Bloom Energy, the USGBC, Delos, and BREEAM.


In November of 2012, TRC succeeded with and incredibly complicated LEED certifications due to its unique design as nearly one-third of the building space is underground. When it was first awarded its LEED GOLD certification, it was one of only two LEED certified buildings in the City of Alhambra and the only building to achieve certification under the LEED-EB Operations and Maintenance v2009 rating system. The property also achieved rarely attempted LEED certifications for its water usage, high air quality levels and overall increased energy efficiency which is reducing environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Alhambra’s LEED Gold Certification is the culmination of a series of projects completed over the past couple years that align closely with The Ratkovich Company’s commitment to providing its tenants with healthy buildings and sustainable amenities. These include the installation of Five “Bloom Energy Servers” which has resulted in increased energy efficiency and reduced operating costs. The property also recently celebrated the completion of its three-acre water-efficiency and conservation landscaping project featuring drought-resistant, mostly California native plants which has reduced water usage by 85 percent.

In addition to its current LEED Gold Certification, The Alhambra boasts an ENERGY STAR score of 95, meaning it is in the top five percent of all U.S. buildings for energy efficiency. The Alhambra was also highlighted for its comprehensive indoor environmental quality program that includes hospital-grade air filtration.

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In 2012, 5900 Wilshire achieved its first LEED Gold certification under the LEED-EB Operations and Maintenance v2009 rating system in Los Angeles. The property also achieved a rarely attempted LEED certification for its overall high air quality and reduction of water usage, and received the maximum number of LEED points available for water fixture efficiency. The property was also recognized for its outstanding waste management program, in which nearly 75 percent of its waste stream is diverted from landfills each year. Its recent plumbing fixtures have also resulted in conserving more than one million gallons of water each year. In addition to its current LEED Gold Certification, 5900 Wilshire has an ENERGY STAR score of 93, meaning it is in the top seven percent of the nation’s most efficient buildings.

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Half way through its renovation, The Bloc, with its hotel, retail center and office tower, achieved a LEED Silver status, with a LEED Gold certification expected upon the completion of construction. In addition, The Bloc is one of the first BREEAM certified projects in the US, and is pursuing Well Certification for the entire block. The office tower has an Energy Star rating of 93. The Bloc’s Wellness Wednesdays programs have been embraced by the office tenants, and the bi-weekly Summer Series of live entertainment and great food coupled with the participation of charities working in downtown LA were enjoyed by the office workers, shoppers, downtown residents and hotel guests.

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The Hercules Campus: The Hercules Campus has a LEED Gold Certification and an Energy Star rating of 93. As an historic preservation project, it embraces the Well standard with operable windows, newly installed Sarafil roofs for energy conservation, lush, drought tolerant, expansive landscaping with drip irrigation using recycled water throughout the property. The tenants participate in the campus’ recycling programs and an annual Earthday celebration.

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