The Hercules Campus at Playa Vista is a 28-acre, 530,000 square foot, office and studio campus. The campus consists of eleven nationally registered historic landmark buildings which were home to Howard Hughes and his merry band of innovators, including the hangar in which he built the Hercules H-4, also known as the “Spruce Goose.” Prior to TRC’s acquisition, these historic buildings had been left to waste for over twenty years. The renovation, which is anticipated to be completed in January of 2012, will take these dilapidated buildings and rebuild them with the same ingenuity and innovation demonstrated by Hughes, himself. Filled with light, open spaces, bowed truss ceilings and operable windows, the campus which boasts 6 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet, will be landscaped with beautifully planned California native plants, filled with unique open and shared spaces, and will be an incredible example of conservation at the highest level.

As it was when occupied by Howard Hughes, The Hercules Campus at Playa Vista will be tenanted by inventors, innovators and visionaries. The Hercules Campus is a place of natural beauty and vast open spaces, where record-breaking and ground-breaking will take place, where ideas will be thought, shot down, rethought, drawn up, written down, built, tested, rebuilt and turned out to the world. A place that finds and awakens the inventor in all of us.

The Company’s partner in The Hercules Campus is Penwood Real Estate Investment Management.

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